Adventure Vacation Care - What to Bring

We are a sun aware camp

  • All children must wear shirts with sleeves
  • A full brim hat
  • Fully enclosed shoes (e.g. Joggers)

Old clothes are recommended

  • Day pack to carry belongings in
  • Water bottle (essential)
  • 30+ sunscreen
  • Togs, towel & water shoes (n/a to winter program)
  • Spare clothes (extra shirt /shorts/underwear)

Please label all belongings

SPECIAL DIETARY REQUIREMENTS – must be supplied from home (e.g. gluten free bread & snacks)

Not acceptable:

  • Baseball style caps
  • Strappy or singlet tops
  • thongs
  • sandals
  • crocs
  • strapless or backless shoes

Parents of children wearing any of these items will be asked to return with appropriate clothing.

YMCA Camping is a SunSmart Organisation.