Resilience Camps

Built on a foundation of team problem solving and personal challenges, participants learn the benefits of failing, empathy for others and the importance of trust, whilst developing their independence, social connectedness and ultimately resilience.

Resilience is not dependent on expertise, but on learning how to face fears or challenges and working out ways to overcome them. Children fail at Camp all the time. They might fall off their paddle-board or miss their footing on the rock wall, but each time they get up and try again, they experience success and their resilience is being built. They turn cry into try

The program helps develop participants by:

  • Taking responsibility
  • Supporting others
  • Learning from failure
  • Problem solving
  • Creating team work
  • Establishing indepenence
  • Building resilience

3 Day, 2 Night Resilience Camp

$330 per student

4 day, 3 Night Resilience Camp

$440 per student

The YMCA organises all aspects of your adventure, working with your school to ensure that all risk management aspects are diligently covered.

Here is a short video of our Resilience Camp taken during the Gap State High Schoools visit