Adventure Vacation Care - Need to Know


  • Due to the outdoor adventure activities offered, children must have turned six (6) before they will be accepted at this vacation care program
  • If you wish to confirm your booking please phone or email the camp, booking confirmation is not posted
  • Please advise any special needs or requirements for your child prior to vacation care and include a behaviour management plan if necessary so vacation care staff can familiarise themselves with your child's needs
  • Clearly label all of your child's belongings. Click here to see a list of what to bring
  • Accounts must be paid in full prior to your child attending
  • Credit cards, EFTPOS or EFT are accepted for payment
  • Credit card details for payment can be provided on the bottom of page 1 of your application form
  • There are no Cash & Eftpos facilities available at the centre for payments


  • An “Authorisation to Administer Medication” form (available at the office) is to be completed and handed in to the office
  • This form must accompany any prescription medication and/or over the counter medication that you supply for your child to take during vacation care
  • All medication must be in the original medication container with your child’s name and correct dosage - this includes over the counter medication
  • Please include a medical practitioner’s letter or pharmacist’s printed instructions for prescribed medication

During vacation care

  • Children need to be signed in on arrival and signed out on departure from vacation care Written notification is required for anyone other than authorised persons on your application form to collect your child/ren. Photo identification will be required
  • All children must be collected by 5.00pm or late fees will apply
  • Please advise the office of any changes to your plans e.g. non attendance
  • Parents are required to sign for any absent days on the attendance register
  • In the case of unacceptable behaviour children will be sent home without reimbursement
  • Lost property will be held for one month after the end of the vacation care
  • The YMCA accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen goods
  • Our staffing services are in accordance with regulation requirements, a ratio of 1 adult to 15 children

Centrelink child care benefit

YMCA CRN: 555 011 791T

To receive weekly Child Care Benefit or end of year Child Care Benefit:

  • You need to contact Centrelink and register.
  • You need to supply us with your date of birth, your family CRN and your child/children’s CRN.
  • You need to advise us if you have another child in care along with their name, date of birth, and CRN or you will be charged for a single child fee.
  • You need to provide us exact and full information